Best Western Hotel Leone di Messapia
05 October 2022
Digital Agenda and Corporate Welfare in Italian Enterprises

Confindustria Lecce, as part of the international project "WELfare in Italian and albaNian EnterpriSe", organizes Wednesday, October 5th from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Best Western Plus Leone di Messapia Hotel & Conference (Prov. Lecce Cavallino) in Lecce , an in-depth day on the theme "Digital Agenda and Corporate Welfare in Italian Enterprises", understood as the ability of companies to give value to their employees, facilitating the reconciliation between work and personal life.

During the meeting, the first of a series on the subject, the Italian regulatory framework will be illustrated, with corporate welfare initiatives that constitute valid best practices to be replicated in other contexts. The goal is to foster cohesive international development, which gives value to human resources, bringing benefits to companies in terms of productivity and business growth.


27 September 2022