project presentation

16 April 2019
INERRAnT at the Days of Promotion of Scientific Culture in Lecce, 2nd appointment

The INERRAnT Project has been presented to the students of the Higher Education Institute "A. Meucci" of Casarano (LE), guests of DHITECH at the Campus Ecotekne of the University of Salento. 

It’s the second appointment for the students of the Schools of Salento which has been carried out as part of the "Days of Promotion of Scientific Culture", promoted by the Protection and Environmental Enhancement Service of the Province of Lecce. 

Students have been hosted by the DHITECH’s representatives who illustrated the main activities and Research Projects of the District, including the INERRAnT Project, as well as the Technological Building that hosts many Companies and Research Bodies. 

During the day, students also took part in presentations and workshops at Companies belonging to the DHITECH’s Ecosystem.